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Back with more Substance Designer Textures

Re-worked the well ground texture and decided to add it in Sketchfab

Made a quick Brick texture that I finished up earlier this week
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Quick AutoCad Modeling

Worked on some quick small models using AutoCad

Pebble Watch

Been off couple weeks, so I decided to make a model off my pebble watch to get back into things.

Work Bench WIP

Currently working on a Work Bench scene. Everything has been made with Maya, substance painter and designer. Looking to add some more props to scene.

Missile Silos

I made a Missile Silo and its 2 different upgrade levels

Pokemon Kanto Pokedex

Working on the Kanto Pokedex. Going to bring it in Substance Painter and add some worn scratched details to it.

Quick Furniture Study

Did a quick study of a old weathered furniture bed side piece