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The Mustang is back !

So i never really was finished with the mustang never got a render i liked so now im going back to the mustang and i might even go back to my other models.

Driving Bad

My model got used :D in this mobile game check it out if you want. Only android phones though.

Ay, Caramba!

So its been awhile since my last update, been busy with somethings. So I decide to do another tribute to the Simpsons.  This environment is based off the Simpsons living room.

Original Renders

Photoshop Edited

I'am the one who knocks!

So since Breaking Bad is ending soon. I'm modeling out the RV that Jesse and Walt first cooked in. Hoping to finish it before the final episode next Sunday.


Yet another reference to a show I watch called The Simpsons. I modeled out their house and homer's pinkish car. 

I have the original render of the house which is very plain.

After awhile in photoshop and adding the sketch filter this is the end result 

This is homer's car. If it resembles a chevelle a little well you would be right. I couldn't really find any good blueprints or shots of the car, I decided well it almost looks like a chevelle. I started to remove the parts that made it look like a chevelle and started modeling out the areas that needed to fit the car's look. Think I did a pretty good job. Once again I have the original render along with the photoshop pic.

Good News Everyone !!

If you did not catch that reference its from the show Futurama. I recently saw the shows finale episode, and decided in tribute to the episode I will model the Planet Express ship. I have one image where I threw on a filter to give that cartoon kinda of style, and then I have the original.


So I took a break from the street corner and started playing Arkham City. Got inspired and made this quick batarang prop from the game.

Friday Update

Played with a few textures and changed up the lighting. Trying to go for 2 to 3pm kind of lighting. Still needs a lot of work, but I feeling a little better about this project then i did before.

Messing Around

Still messing around with the street corner. Add some textures, I know the brick texture is way off i thought it was a a lot smaller when i had it in photoshop. Anyways I want to stick it out with this project, I think if i can get it just right it will be a nice set piece. Also add my chevelle in there just for fun.

Street Corner Update

So i changed it up a bit more still dont know what i want to place on the left side yet. Not sure if i want to leave it empty cause i do not want to add too much to the scene. Might go through some more changes or i might just scrap it all and start something different. Well anyways heres an updated pic

Something New

I still going through different types of set-ups for this street corner. But for now though just showing off what i got in mind for my next project.

More Legos

Spot the fake one

So I did another Lego piece where I model and textured a character and integrated it into the scene

Yep its another UPDATE

So this is just a little old render i did of the mustang im at the finish line with this thing just little nip pick things at this point but ya this is it in its final form took me a little longer then expected i will admit it I let the ball drop on this on sometimes i would work on it and then take a unnecessary break from it. More too come soon

Rough Render:


Hey Look its an UPDATE

Boom told you a update was coming soon. Im pretty happy I finally got the stripes downish haha after numerous failed attempts( 40ish no lie -_- dont judge) . In the end i took the stripes of the picture ref and traced it like a stencil and after like an hour or 2ish of work  i got this mostly not complete final product. After some touch up's of course it will be completed and i know i said that like 100x's, but i swear this time it will be done.

More Stuff and Im Back

So i recently lend my R1 model to a Lighter Friend Derek Miller heres his site check out his work pretty good stuff anyways he re-light my model and add more to it then my previous renders back when i was at Full Sail

Still working on the mustang surprised me too should have been done long time ago, but i took a break and well now its july 31st hahaha time really does fly. Good thing i was basically done with it, right now i just have to touch up the texture. Update on that should be coming up soon, now I'm only modeling and texturing it the rendering and lighting stuff is up to someone else.  Have a good one !

Late Night Work Session

Working on the texture some more still tweaking the scale of the logos and positons. but i think im getting there still got plenty to do texture wise. Model wise im liking it still missing the rims i wanted to model but i can knock that out easily.

Progress: Mustang

So im pretty satisfied where im at right now. Maybe theres a few small things i can touch up, then going to move on to texturing it.

UPDATE: energy sword

Add some more to the sword the get the feel of it from the game.

Energy Sword

Model the energy sword from halo. Took like an hour, i was just messing around in maya and decided to do this quick project.

Mustang WIP

Getting there still working out the body issues. Same tires and rims just a stand in to see how the mustang looks with the tires.

Still Working

Been a while since my last update about the mustang. Had some problems along the way. Like a corrupted file and stuff. I'm back though with another update on the mustang. Little further along now though. These are just really rough just did it for myself. Still working on the front and pretty soon, will start working on the back and add the windows as well.

Mustang For a friend

Havent updated anything, but been busy with stuff. Modeling a 2013 Mustang for my friend. Still working on the viper its just on the back burner for now.

Banner For my Brother

So my brother wanted me to make a banner/logo for his website he is starting up called Techs on the Beach. This is the end product.

Fixing Up The Viper Part III

I have been fixing some of the body issues on the Viper. I got it to where i like it, unless you have any critiques. I'm working on the headlights and backlights for the car. Here are some rough renders from different angles.

I been working on the environment to place the viper in. Little by little adding things to make this more of a garage. Thinking about adding a oil stain, calendar, another pin-up poster, Finish the big tool box, and add more tools on the table. Feel free to critique.