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Hey Look its an UPDATE

Boom told you a update was coming soon. Im pretty happy I finally got the stripes downish haha after numerous failed attempts( 40ish no lie -_- dont judge) . In the end i took the stripes of the picture ref and traced it like a stencil and after like an hour or 2ish of work  i got this mostly not complete final product. After some touch up's of course it will be completed and i know i said that like 100x's, but i swear this time it will be done.

More Stuff and Im Back

So i recently lend my R1 model to a Lighter Friend Derek Miller heres his site check out his work pretty good stuff anyways he re-light my model and add more to it then my previous renders back when i was at Full Sail

Still working on the mustang surprised me too should have been done long time ago, but i took a break and well now its july 31st hahaha time really does fly. Good thing i was basically done with it, right now i just have to touch up the texture. Update on that should be coming up soon, now I'm only modeling and texturing it the rendering and lighting stuff is up to someone else.  Have a good one !

Late Night Work Session

Working on the texture some more still tweaking the scale of the logos and positons. but i think im getting there still got plenty to do texture wise. Model wise im liking it still missing the rims i wanted to model but i can knock that out easily.

Progress: Mustang

So im pretty satisfied where im at right now. Maybe theres a few small things i can touch up, then going to move on to texturing it.