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Work Bench WIP

Currently working on a Work Bench scene. Everything has been made with Maya, substance painter and designer. Looking to add some more props to scene.

Missile Silos

I made a Missile Silo and its 2 different upgrade levels

Pokemon Kanto Pokedex

Working on the Kanto Pokedex. Going to bring it in Substance Painter and add some worn scratched details to it.

Quick Furniture Study

Did a quick study of a old weathered furniture bed side piece

Bathroom Continued

Continuing off the titles I made earlier in substance. Im currently adding more to the scene, going for a dirty public bathroom scene.

Bathroom Tiles

Making a bathroom environment. Starting off with the tiles first 

Quick Well Update

Late post been a little busy. Any was, I fixed up the wood texture and fixed up the overall look on the stone for the well too.

The Well

the scene is starting to come along. Still tweaking the textures a bit.

Procedural Well Scene

With the ground procedural I started to make, I decided to add a well scene that uses only procedural textures along with the ground.

Procedural Texture Work

Working with procedural texture and learning the node based system in Substance Designer.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

Another Product design model I model ,textured and lighted.

Mac Book Pro

Continuing the Apple theme, I took the task of modeling, texturing and lighting the Laptop.

Iphone model

Model, textured and lighted this Iphone

Concept Gun Update

Fixed up the textures and lighting. Still going to mess with some of the textures but I think I'm about done with this model after that.

One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime

I found concept art on a weapon that caught my attention and decided to model it out and texture it. Just started texturing it so its still in progress but I kinda of have an idea where i want to go with it.  Had some inspiration by the Punisher to scratch his saying on the side of the gun, along with the kill count.

Original Concept

My Take

 Texture WIP

Spiked Bat

Made a quick Spike Baseball Bat model. Got inspired while playing little bit of Dead Rising 3 and watching Walking Dead.

Old Prop

I played around with this old prop that I never finished. Used substance and designer

Oh what a day! What a lovely day!

Pretty happy with the end result. Think i will be moving on to another project.

Mad Max style vehicle Test Renders

Finally had some time to revisit this project. Recently purchased substance painter and designer, been messing around in them with this project. Just some test renders of my Mad Max style vehicle. 

Messing with Silhouettes

Still tweaking some things on the model, just playing with the lighting to see the silhouettes. After the final tweaks i will start uving and texturing.

Mad Max Style Vehicle

Always wanted to model out a mad max style vehicle. Been working on this for awhile top is my most recent version. I have it where I want it now, will start uving and texturing it soon.